Security Alert

Posted by John on 19th Oct 2017

Security Alert
Recently Kern County experienced a security threat when inmates being held in a local court holding facility were able to break open their handcuffs using the round lip that is located on or around the spout of the drinking fountain section of the jail sink that may be in most of our facilities. They use the lip to pry open the cuffs and pop the pin out that holds the cuffs together. Fortunately the threat was discovered by deputies before the incident escalated.Download the Flyer He
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Hemorrhage Control – What Aunt Flow Didn’t Know

Posted by Chris on 31st Jan 2015

Every now and again, this bad recommendation surfaces. I actually saw this printed in an emergency veterinary book recently which prompted me to finally write this article. It’s time to bust this myth.I think it was the 2008 SOMA conference and the medic’s were presenting their combat medical vignettes. A medic was presenting his casualty vignette when it started going something like this:“…so I stuck my finger in the wound, and it…no s**t…, it felt like a vagina.”At which point, th
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Bullets, Sliced in Half

Posted by Jonathan on 13th Jul 2014

1. (left) 7.62x51mm Plastic short-range training tracer, a type of 'Simunition' training ammo, designed for short-range training ranges where stray bullets and ricochets could be a concern (the whole blue section is the projectile). This one has a radiogenic tracer pellet that allows visual tracking of the round in daylight
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We've been banned?

Posted by Jonathan Lanciano on 11th Apr 2014

www.uoarmory.comOn 7/10 we received an email from Twitter stating that we have been banned from advertising with them because we violate their "weaponspolicy". After the staff here at Urban Ops wept for many hours and tweeted our deep sorrow to the masses we shrugged it off . Honestly, we rarely advertise with them. Although it was very annoying to see that they even have a "weapons" policy, which basically states in other words, guns are evil rocket firing machine-gun-bazookas and
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